From the shirt on your back, to the carpet under your feet, we do it all.

By now, you’re probably familiar with our quality eco friendly dry cleaning and laundry services. But did you know we offer other exceptional services at Sudsies?

Do you know the difference between a satisfied customer who comes back again and
again and one who never returns? Service. 25 years ago, when we opened the first
Sudsies boutique, we wanted our customers to know as soon as they walked through
the door that they were going to have a great experience. That’s why we created the
Sudsies Smile. Service with a smile is the best kind of service there is. And the Sudsies
Smile is our way of showing you we care about your needs and want to provide you with
the best possible experience.

These are just some of our many guaranteed services. So please have a look around and see what Sudsies can do for you.