The good, the bad, and the rugly. We’ve seen and cleaned it all.

Most cleaners claim to have you covered head-to-toe, but Sudsies digs deeper to underneath your feet too. Sudsies, specializes in hand washing area rugs of all styles and sizes. Experience the best of both worlds, whereby you get Sudsies pick-up and delivery service directly from your home or office, where we provide a complimentary consultation before taking it off your hands. Our knowledgable technicians inspect every rug to determine the best process for stain removal and cleaning. Our performance history includes thousands of rugs, including everything from orientals to modern, from light tones to unique materials and textures.

Our eco-friendly solvents and processes are also kind to pets and kids, so they can continue playing right away from fresh surfaces. We pride ourselves on providing the finest quality of cleaning and customer service throughout every step of the way – contact us for a complimentary consultation at or 305.864.3279

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