Some say sleep in overrated. We say, “not so when you have great bed linens!”

Determining the real quality of sheets and such has become a bit tricky. So, Sudsies, South Florida’s number one bed linen dry cleaner, has compiled a CliffsNotes guide to setting your bed up for Sweet Dreams.

Don’t count on just the Thread Count

Put simply, thread count is the amount of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch of fabric. It was once considered a go-to stat to determine the quality of sheets – a higher thread count = higher quality, right? Not necessarily, as misleading execution of thread count over the years and other factors require us to look at a bigger picture.

Beware of Sly Ply

Plying, when two or more strands are twisted to create a single thread, is a huge factor when considering the true quality of a thread count. Manufacturers once used double and multi-plies to inflate their count numbers, citing the total pieces of yarn instead of the actual thread, before consumer protection laws stepped in.

While this helps us get back to more accurate thread counts, keep in mind the single-ply fabrics are tighter, lighter, and overall have a longer lifespan. So, while double- or multi-ply fabric may have a higher thread count, it might be worth going for a lower thread count option if it’s derived from a single-ply.

Staples to go by

Cotton staple, the term for the length of the fiber, is something else to consider. Quite simply, the longer the better, with extra-long deemed the highest quality.

Also, here’s what all those fancy names for cotton really mean:

Some Other Fabric-ations

Linen – like a great pair of pants, linen sheets allow heat to escape and wick away moisture, an ideal option for those steamy South Florida nights. Linen tends to be courser than cotton, but softens over time with regular washing (and time you have, as the fabric is considered three times more durable than cotton).

Silk – considered among the ultimate luxuries in bedding with its smooth feel and ability to accommodate both hot and cold temps. There are many differentiations and standards here as well (that’s for a whole other blog, but in meantime we found this good rundown It’s most important to know that silk sheets require professional cleaning.

Here’s Where We Come In

Sudsies has become a trusted cleaner for high-quality bed linens, including the likes of industry royalty Frette and Pratesi. Gentle, eco-friendly solvents are matched with hand cleaning tactics to ensure sheets, cases, and duvets remain soft to the touch and soothing to the eye. All pieces are returned crisp, freshly hung, and ready to re-hug your bed. Complimentary pickup and  delivery is available all around Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Ready To Splurge On Sleep?

For all things soft, substantial and truly special, we suggest Carlotta’s Fine Linens, located in Aventura. For more than 35 years, the industry veteran has served South Florida sleep lovers with a curation of the finest brands from around the globe. Truly special; however, is Carlotta’s custom commissions, which can include matching specific colors; embroidery design, personalization and embellishments, and other true one-of-a-kind work. Offerings expand from the home to bedrooms of yachts and private jets too. Having personally handled many of these linens as the preferred cleaner for many of their clients, we at Sudsies have seen and felt just how special Carlotta’s work is.


We always share our commitment to making you look and feel good when you’re on the go, but we’ve got your back when you’re ready to rest too. Contact us to learn more about our top bed linens services.