Sudsies Shares Cleaning, Care and Storage Tips

They say always be yourself… except on Halloween, when you can be anyone (or anything) you want to be. Costumes seem to have magical powers when it comes to rekindling the youth and fun in us. Such garments are worth holding onto, no? Here are some thoughts on keeping your costumes boo-tiful.

Most costumes are derived from unique materials or embellishments. Others have unique structures and silhouettes, making traditional cleaning methods at home difficult (just try to stuff alien tentacles or an Elizabethan collar into a washing machine). We recommend taking them to a professional cleaner, where they can hand treat. Here, cleaners can also enlist their tailoring team if needed to mend any wear and tear from the long night of trick-o-treating.

Professional cleaning is necessary for luxury and couture costumes, but also consider it for your less expensive ones too. The fabrics aren’t of the best quality and would have a hard time holding up to the soak and spin of a washing machine. So if you’re thinking of bringing back that Superhero or Emoji persona for next year, it might be worth it.

Once you have a fresh costume back in hand, ensure that its effects last. Plastic bags for storage are never recommended, as they can trap unwanted humidity and lead to molding and discoloration. These risks are especially ominous for garments that most likely aren’t going to have any breathing room until the next October. Instead, place in a breathable natural cotton or muslin garment bag (available at most storage stores and sites). For folded items, wrap in acid-free tissue for maximum protection against dust, moisture, and warping.

Happy Hallo-Clean!

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