Fashion is a saturated industry, but the mystique of an iconic fashion house never wanes. From Chanel’s tailoring to Dior’s femininity, from Gautier’s whimsy to Versace’s sensualism… these are the designers we look to season after season, decade after decade. Their runways emote a fantasy and we aspire to obtain a piece of that story, quite literally, via their couture garments.

Couture isn’t just defined by high-level creativity, but also of high-level construction. These wears are hand-sewn, allowing for added intricacies and thoughtful touches. Couture pieces are meant to last, but that is not to say that they don’t require specialty care to ensure longevity.

We consider ourselves a true fashion house in and of ourselves – when it comes to the cleaning and care of designer labels, that is. As South Florida’s premiere luxury dry cleaner, our technicians have trained under the National Cleaners Association, as well as the country’s pioneer training programs to become masters in couture and designer garments. Our preinspection process is as meticulous as the clothing, as we analyze the fabric, stitching, embellishments and construction to determine the best process. Techniques may vary, but like these high-end garments we serve, every step is performed by hand to ensure the utmost personalization. A final post-inspection ensures a complete and quality job.

Another unique aspect of a great couture garment is its timelessness, which is why we also specialize in restoration and preservation to breathe back life and style into vintage and antique garments. It’s about maintaining the look, the feel, and the feeling that these specialty pieces exude when wearing. For us at Sudsies, couture clothing necessitates couture cleaning.

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