The Timeless Suit…Sudsies Shares Tips For Maintaining Its Longevity

Imagine dressing for work in full coat tails, silk stockings, knee breaches, and all sorts of other fussy accessories (powdered wigs included). The early 1800s was fashioned just like that within the royal courts of England. You can thank influencer Beau Brummell for pioneering a sleeker take with simple jackets and full-length trousers. Though born into middle class status, Brummell’s high fashion sense impressed the nobles, including Prince-Soon-To-Be-King George IV, and was picked up across Europe and beyond throughout the British empire.

The suit has continued to evolve in simplicity. Today, there are three main types: the everyday/professional suit, the fashion suit, and what Sudsies likes to call “The Superman Power Suit.” Price points vary, though note that higher-end labels lend themselves to a significant higher quality. This includes finer wools and other fabrics, but also stitching throughout the entire structure of the garment, as opposed to gluing select areas in place (a practice, unfortunately, found in many lower priced options). This fast fix glue approach tends to bubble and warp over time with wear and cleaning.

Regardless of the occasion – or price point – each should be stored, handled, and cleaned with detailed attention. When hanging, be sure to leave space (about a hanger’s width) between each piece to avoid any awkward creases that comes with being smushed (it also makes locating select pieces much easier!). Unless you’re wearing your suit, hanging is how it should be maintained at all times…even when bringing it in to your cleaner. Simply drape your yellow Sudsies VIP bag over the hanger/s for your valet to pick up and he/she will ensure a safe transport to our boutique locations. While we return your freshly-cleaned items beautifully packaged, remove the plastic covering immediately before re-hanging. Not doing so can result in trapped moisture and eventual mildew. If you prefer covering, opt for a muslin garment bag that allows the fabric to breathe.

Row of suit jackets hanging

How often you clean your suits varies. Any visible stains need to be treated right away, but also consider those invisible ones. Sweat and oils may not appear right away, but over time will oxidize, resulting in dingy yellow marks and even fabric breakdown. Similarly, odorous particles insidiously erode the material. If you attended a smoke-filled event or dined at a particularly aromatic restaurant, consider requesting a pickup the following day. Collared shirts and blouses require more consistent cleanings as they have direct contact with the body. Our cleaning technicians pay extra focus on the collar, cuffs, and underarm areas.

How each suit gets cleaned depends on the specific garment. At Sudsies, we inspect each garment and proceed with the best technique based upon the materials, make, and any select areas needing specific attention. We are particularly adept at hand cleaning, which avoids completely submerging the garment in solutions, thereby helping to extend its structure and longevity.

Considering Brummell also allegedly made “bathing daily” a trend, we’d like to think he’d appreciate our approach to wardrobe cleanliness too.

“We work with Sudsies because they go above and beyond. When our clients request cleaning, pressing, or alterations right away, Jason and his team always figure out how to make it happen. Furthermore, their expertise is evident in the way they treat our merchandise. Sudsies understands luxury, both in garment care and customer service, which aligns with the overall experience Brioni is committed to providing our clientele.”

– Vito DeGennaro, General Manager, Brioni Bal Harbour