Our Front Desk Manager Shares Her Customer Service Experiences

Sudsies aims to set great impressions from start to finish. First impressions in our North Miami boutique begin with Ange Charles. As Front Desk Manager, Ange oversees all customer interactions, and ensures that all the hard work of our cleaning technicians behind the scenes is ultimately presented to the client in the perfect light.

“I’m really proud of the way we present newly cleaned items back to our clients,” Ange says. “Each garment is packaged like a master piece, and seeing their smile is priceless.”

Ange’s personality first caught the attention of our team five years ago. A friend approached her, noting that her positivity would align perfectly with Sudsies’ culture. She started in customer service and rose through the ranks to her current leadership role. Her success however, relies on more than just personality. Managing the multitude of orders coming in and out of a Sudsies boutique requires serious attention to detail.

Each day, she creates a detailed schedule to help make everything seamless for her and her team. All tasks are broken down further into specific steps and are assigned to an owner. These roles and designations “help not only in getting things done, it gives everyone a sense of teamwork when they can directly see their contribution,” according to Ange.

Up first is greeting the client and listening to their requests. Ange matches her smile with an added kindness. “You just never know the difference it can make.”

She recalls an experience a couple years back with a client. Initially, she appeared standoffish, but with Ange’s gentle demeanor, the woman shared some difficult hardships she was currently experiencing.

“It reminded me to never take anything personally and to stick with what I’m here for: to make customers smile. The experience left me for the better and I’d like to think that perhaps she walked out of our boutique feeling a little better, even if for that moment.”

Whether through these types of customer experiences, fellow employee interactions, or formal trainings, Ange applies her new learnings earnestly.

“You have to be willing to learn…That’s how you grow,” she elaborates. “And every day at Sudsies, we have the opportunity to learn something new. I don’t think of Sudsies as my workplace, but a second home.”

Ange, we’ve all learned so much from you as well.

Have dry cleaning, laundry, tailoring, restoration, or other specialty garment needs? Ange is waiting to welcome you at our North Miami boutique on 12711 Biscayne Blvd. Additional Sudsies boutique locations include Miami Beach and the Design District. More information about all services can be found at www.sudsies.com or by dialing 305.864.3279.