The South Florida winter is here… and we’re ready for some good leather! While leather can always be counted on to make a great style statement, a little extra care should be taken to ensure it maintains its look and form. The biggest culprit against this supple staple? Water.

Water damage can stain or discolor the surface, as well as potentially warp the leather’s structure. The Cleaning Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute advises treating your pieces before wear to better withstand rain and other soggy scenarios, citing Kiwi’s Protect All as their product recommendation. This protection should be applied every three months for maximum guard.

The Institute goes on to suggest that cleaning of leather items, especially larger, more substantial pieces, be left to a professional. We have a recommendation on that end too… Yours truly! Sudsies specializes in the care of luxe, sensitive and otherwise temperamental materials, including leather. We hand-treat with eco-friendly solvents to most effectively remove stains and clean while maintaining the integrity of the fabric.

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