Our Protocols for Keeping Everyone Safe

We miss seeing your smiles, but knowing that our team and clients are staying healthy is our new source of satisfaction. While we may not be able to be directly “here” for you, we want you to know that we are still “there” for you. Sudsies is still providing dry cleaning and laundry services, albeit with a few new contactless features with everyone’s well-being in mind.

At Home Pickup & Delivery

Our valets look forward to getting back to face-to-face, but in the meantime, it’s looking more like door-to-door service… or whatever your preferred spot may be. To keep newly cleaned items extra spiffy, we are providing door hooks for hanging. Simply hook over your door on the day of scheduled delivery and “poof!”, like magic, your garments will be waiting for you. For those in residential buildings, Sudsies is working with concierges and dropping off garments in a designated room or space. You can request to receive a text or other communication upon their arrival.

Boutique Service

At each of our four boutique storefronts, we have protective glass counter partitions (so we can still share our Smiles!). Our hooks are right next to the counter for a seamless, contactless transition of your garments. Even our hand sanitizer dispensers are touchless and are available throughout the boutiques.

Curbside pickup is also available. Let us know when you plan to arrive by calling 305.864.3279 or texting 305.882.9992 and we will place your items on our outdoor racks for your convenience.

Hands On About Hands-Free

Each facility uses assembly technology that folds and bags your items with automated equipment, minimizing contact. In addition, our team members – from customer service, to tailors, to technicians – always wear masks and gloves for anything that requires personal attention.

Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions about our new protocols or about our services, which still include dry cleaning, laundry, couture care, tailoring, restoration, linens, and more… Until then, we’re sending 🙂 🙂 🙂 your way!

For more about Sudsies services, at any of our boutique locations, please visit sudsies.com