Ah, laundry day. Nothing quite zaps your time than sorting, washing, drying, folding… searching for sock mates (what’s up with those hidden black hole portals in the dryer anyway?) Sudsies can help you claim those hours back with our laundry by the pound service.

It’s really easy. Simply wear your clothes, place them in your laundry bag at the end of the day, and call Sudsies to come pick up. At our facility, we’ll separate by color and do the laundry for you. Loads are washed with non-fragrant, hypo allergenic soaps. Once dried and squeaky clean, we fold items and present them back nicely packaged. We also guarantee a 100% sock return rate.

In addition to ready-to-wear ease, we recommend using Sudsies laundry services for your towel and bed linen cleaning needs. All include complimentary pick up from and delivery to your doorstep. Scheduling is easy on our new website www.sudsies.com or via our dedicated customer service representatives available at 305.728.8940 or info@dev.optfirst.org.