New Location Specializes in Care for Luxury Bedding and Linens

Quarantine life is slowly lifting, albeit with caution. Travels to Bali and the Caribbean islands may still be on the back burner, making our bedrooms the ultimate recharge destination for now… Perhaps consider upgrading your bed to conjure dreams of reclining in a posh, billowy cabana.

For us, both wardrobe and household garments are judged on three ultimate criteria: how it looks, how it feels, and most importantly, how it makes YOU feel. Much like the famous fashion houses, luxury bed linen brands take the utmost pride in the craftsmanship of their work. The finest fibers – from Pima, Egyptian, and Parcale cottons; to silk; to the newest trend of linen – are married with skilled artisans for impeccable results. Even the simplest of sheets or pillowcases upon closer look reveal subtle detailing of true design. You may have heard of Frette, Sferra, Matouk, Snowe, or Parchute, all of which have a storied reputation in bringing such finery to our places of rest.

These masterpieces in material require a cleaning of equal attention to detail. Rest assured, Sudsies has expanded its bedding and linen cleaning specialization alongside the launch of our new location in Fort Lauderdale. Here, we’ve created a centralized, full-service department designated specifically for bedding and other household linens. Outfitted with Miele machinery – a top technology for its effectiveness, endurance, ascetic, and sustainability – we are able to provide a range of cleaning options dependent upon what’s best for the individual fabrics.

Traditional laundering, used namely for light-colored standard sheets, incorporates high temperatures. Special care is an alternative laundering method using milder mechanisms. High-end linens, such as those mentioned above, undergo a wet cleaning process. Wet cleaning uses the most gentle action so as not to shrink the fibers and maintain overall integrity. Hand cleaning is available for intricate needs, such as spot removal and finishing. Once cleaned, all are pressed and packaged ready to reunite with your bed for a crisp, yet supple haven. Table and napkin linens and decorative pillow covers are cared for under this approach as well.

Beyond our bedding and linen department, the Sudsies Fort Lauderdale location offers wardrobe dry cleaning and laundry, couture care, restoration, preservation, bridal wear, alterations, and tailoring. Located at 112 Davie Blvd, the boutique greets on-site service and consultations, while complimentary pickup and delivery extends throughout Broward and Palm Beach counties, including Boca Raton.

For more about Sudsies service, either at its Fort Lauderdale or Miami-Dade locations, please visit