What to Consider Before Purchasing ‘No Iron’ Garments

Garments these days can tout some serious technology, but it’s important to know that sometimes these perks may not be worthy of your wardrobe. We recently received some background about “no-iron” shirts. Passing along this information isn’t to sway our clients one way or the other, we simply believe in sharing our expertise to help you make the most informed decisions when investing in clothing.

While the idea of not ironing sounds very convenient, you may not want to permanently stow away your ironing board just yet. According to Consumer Reports, no-iron shirts have a 20-25% shorter lifespan than untreated cotton shirts. The National Cleaners Association goes on to elaborate that the very treatment process that keeps these fabrics so smooth actually makes them more fragile. Collar, cuff, and elbow areas that are exposed to more friction are particularly susceptible to damage. Furthermore, these treatments can make the garments less breathable, thus the wearer may perspire more, which subsequently leads to additional wear-and-tear via dirt and oils.

While we emphasize the value of a quality professional cleaning, it’s not a preventative remedy for these already weakened fibers. If the thought of an iron has you steaming, then perhaps this early lifespan is a worthy trade off – we just suggest not getting too attached to these types of garments for the long run.

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