They don’t call it “The Big Day” for nothing. Weddings involve a lot of moving parts before, during and after. Make sure your wedding dress receives prompt professional attention after the main event, as stains and damages only grow more stubborn and potentially irreparable over time.

Heading right out for the honeymoon? No problem. At Sudsies, where we specialize in luxury bridal wear, you can pre-arrange cleanings and pick-ups anywhere around Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach. We come straight to you or your designee for pick-up and our technicians can follow up after examination to discuss any specialty needs and preservation options.

Destination wedding? We also have brides who ship their dresses to us from every romantic corner of the world. We will ship back, or personally deliver once the couple has returned home. Services extend to groom’s tuxedos, bridal party dresses, something blues, and all other bridal-related attire.

You’ve said “yes” to the dress, and “I do” at the altar… now trust in Sudsies’  vow to you to provide your designer wedding gown the utmost care. To learn more or schedule a complimentary consultation, call 1.888.898.SUDS (7837) or visit