Sudsies’ top interns share their experience, learnings…and how their view of dry cleaning has completely changed.

Dirty clothes is a dreaded chore (or a flat out neglect) for most college students. Sudsies; however, teaches them out to make business out of it, as was the case for our top interns Prosper Surujon and Justin Wald. You may have spoken with either or both behind the counter at one of our boutiques or, more subtly, have had one of your favorite shirts folded by them. We aim to mentor, but their hard work and enthusiasm left a mark on us as well. So we thought for our next employee profile, we’d highlight the stories of these two remarkable young men.

For his high school graduation requirement at Miami Country Day, Prosper performed a three-week intern stint with Sudsies, which evolved into an ongoing three-year relationship whenever he was studying in Miami for his undergraduate degree in business administration with University of Florida. The now 22-year old continues at the school, this time going for his masters in real estate development. He notes his experience in dry cleaning can extend over into any industry.

“Jason wanted me to do everything, from working back-of-house in the plant, to being on front lines with the clients and phones, to even attending off-site networking events with him,” Prosper says. “I now see that successful business people are the ones who have experienced and understand every aspect of their organization.”

Justin, 20, a Scholar’s Program graduate from Miami Beach Senior High School and now also a University of Florida student, wanted to expand his education to real-work experience during his summer break. Of their many roles, both he and Prosper pinpoint customer service as their favorite.

“Being face-to-face with customers was my favorite of the job,” says Justin. “It wasn’t about just about helping them, but exceeding expectations. Just watching the other Sudsies team members interact with their clients was a learning experience in all the different ways to achieve that.”

Even the smaller tasks made an impact on Justin. He recalls putting the white slips of tissue on top of hangers to prevent dust from settling on top of freshly cleaned garments. “Details like those little papers make all the difference.”

He humorously adds that since his overall experience with Sudsies, he definitely looks at clothing more carefully. Prosper notes on how his own views of dry cleaners have changed.

“I’ve been to a dry cleaner before as a customer, and the experience you get with Sudsies is revolutionary compared to anyone else,” he elaborates. “Sudsies is constantly evolving its business to match what’s important to its clientele, and in the process is setting the best trends in convenience, quality, sensory experiences, and eco-efforts. Dry cleaning can really be a luxury.”

Prosper and Justin are now back at university in pursuit of their respective studies. When asked where they see themselves in 10 years (because we can’t resist asking any young twenty-something the question), both are open to all possibilities…We have a feeling that whatever they do or wherever they go, great success will follow.

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