Sending our kids off to sleep away camp can bring on a seesaw of emotions (“Yay, we get to sleep in!” followed by “Sigh, I miss those bedtime cuddles”). Even more conflicting is sending our “babies” off to college.

That’s what makes homecomings great, but with the return of our bundles of joy comes bundles of laundry. We suggest taking that load off and focus on your renewed family time with South Florida’s top dry cleaner via Sudsies Camp & College Laundry services.

We offer quick, easy laundry service by the pound, including bulk loads typical of lengthy stays away. All clothing enjoys a good eco-friendly wash, dry, and folding before being placed in neat packaging, ideal for easy put-away back in dressers or suitcases. While you’re at it, send us their towels and other linens too.

It’s time parents got their magic laundry fairy too. Via our complimentary pickup and delivery service, simply leave your yellow Sudsies VIP bag at your doorstep and within a few days, all comes back clean and perfectly folded. Automatic and specialty pick-ups can be scheduled online at